Tutoring Prices

Tutoring Prices

There are two viewpoints from which to look at the subject of tutoring prices. The first point of view is from the eyes of the person who will be the student.

If the individual is an adult learning English, mathematics, accounting, or another subject to be used for employment or advancement, the price will be of direct interest to them.

If a child is meeting with a tutor to get help with a school subject, the price will be of interest to the parents, in most cases.

There will be a few exceptions to these common situations, but in most cases the individual or family will be responsible for paying the amount the tutor charges.

The second viewpoint is seen by the eyes of the tutor or the organization/agency that makes the tutor available to the public. It is possible, of course, for an individual to get the required training and certification, then offer to tutor individual students.

The price is set by the tutor when they are working as an entrepreneur. If an agency employs tutors, and provides the necessary training and certification, that organization generally sets the price.

Some Variation

Again, there may be some variations to this process. This is generally how the system works. You can start learning more about tutoring prices by visiting Tutor Jobs Online

This is a good example of how individuals can become tutors and make the necessary connections with companies and individuals. There are some examples of how much tutors can make per hour, as well.

With this basic information in place, it might be best to look at prices in more detail. For example, if a parent wants to find a tutor for a child, they start by asking about available options in their area.

A tutor’s value is determined by several factors, including: where they live and work, how long the learning process will take, and whether the child will be the only student working with the tutor at any one time.

If a parent hires a private tutor, it is common for them to negotiate an hourly fee. If the tutor works with an agency or education center there may be less flexibility on pricing.

Agencies and learning centers usually have set rates. Prices for online tutoring may differ somewhat, but the prices will be competitive.

Private tutors generally earn approximately $20 per hour up to $35 per hour. There are several ways to locate a suitable private tutor, including local newspaper advertising, websites, and online employment boards.

Learning Center Prices

Hiring a tutor through an agency, local college or learning center is another great option.

However, there may be no room for price negotiation, and there may be less flexibility in scheduling.

Tutors hired through a learning center or organization generally earn from $10 per hour to $20 per hour, though some receive $25 for each hour they work.

Both the tutor and the hiring individual benefit from having organization support, as the tutors are screened and trained “in house.” Online tutoring services may be slightly less expensive, though this isn’t always the case.

If you decide to work with an online tutor or a service that supplies tutors, be sure you understand how charges are determined. Some services charge $40 and up for experienced, reliable individuals to work one on one.

To learn more about tutoring in general, about pricing, or about becoming a tutor, you can visit Tutor Jobs Online

Some online companies offering experienced tutors will have rates based on increments such as five hours, 10 hours and so on. Whether you are interested in becoming a tutor or if you’re hiring one, take time to learn the details. Prices can vary significantly.

If you have a skill or subject that would be suitable for this field of work, you can get plenty of help from online sources.

Not only will they be able to answer questions about education requirements and certification, they usually maintain a database of individuals and companies that need tutors. In this line of work, connections are important.

What to Charge

When you are trying to determine how much to charge, you should first rely on individuals and groups who have been tutoring for some time.

But if you need to set a price to get started, you should never go below $10 as a base pay. This will definitely be on the low end of the pay scale. Consider a few important factors when you think about pricing.

Do some research to find out what area salaries and hourly wages are. If you’re in a rural area where cost of living is low, you may not be able to get the hourly rate you would get in a populated area. 

If you determine $15 is a standard wage, that should be your guideline. You should also think about the demand for tutors in your area.

If certified, experienced tutors in your community charge $25, you have to be realistic about what you can receive for each hour. Your level of education will also be a factor in pricing.