Starting a Candle Business

Starting a Candle Business

Starting a candle business is something that anyone can do, but there is a bit of work that goes into it. You may be someone that makes candles in their spare time anyway, and wants to have a go out of it.

It’s fairly easy to start your own company nowadays, especially when you have the option to work from the privacy of your own home. Here are some of the things you need to know to start your own candle business.

Design Your Product

You’ll need to know what your candles will look like and how they will burn before you sell them to other people.

To accomplish this, you must figure out what types of materials you want to make and if they go well together. This means you’ll need to make some test candles to be sure that they are just like what you envisioned for your business.

You should never sell a product that you aren’t proud of. This will also help you choose the type of wax, wicks, and everything else you want to work with, which will make the process easier for you when it comes time to make candles for your customers.

Figure out the Business Details

After you’ve perfected your candles, it is time to think about all the other important aspects there are to owning a business.

You’ll need not only a name for your business, but there is a lot more you’ll need to make decisions on as well. This includes everything from coming up with a business plan to figuring out if you’ll be working alone or with a friend or family member, as well as where you’ll be able to make the candles to sell.

You may want to ask other business owners you know for tips on this to see how they approached the whole thing. They should even be able to tell you some details that you wouldn’t find out on your own.

Get Permits or Professional Help

After you’ve figured out the fine details, it’s time to get the right permits and documentation to make sure that you can file your taxes properly.

Depending on how large the business is when you start it, you may even want to get a separate bank account, so you can always keep track of all of your money and make sure that no one else spends it.

Most banks have small business accounts, which come with their own rules and perks.

Besides that, you’ll likely need to speak to a professional lawyer or accountant, to make sure everything has been set up properly. This may cost you a chunk of change, but it’s worth it because it protects you in the long run.

Another way to get professional help is by consulting resources and books created by people who have run their own candle business and know what you’re going through.

You probably learned in school that it is always better to have a primary source of information, so you might as well hear from someone who has done what you want to do.

One great place to find a resource like this is Candle Making 4 You. This is a website that can tell you virtually anything you need to know about having your own candle company.

This involves PDF documents to read, videos to watch, and tips to keep you from making costly mistakes.

You can purchase the whole guide at a low price, and you’ll have invaluable information that you can use any time you need to. The guide also comes with a money-back guarantee, in case you don’t find it to be all that helpful.

This is really a guarantee that you will be reading details that can really change your life.

Advertising and Websites

One of the most important parts of keeping a business afloat is advertising. There are so many ways to advertise, and there are also many ways to attract customers.

You can make a great website and sell your products online, or you can have colorful flyers or business cards, in an attempt to get businesses in the area to carry your product.

You can also start social media accounts or advertise your business on some of the top sites on the internet, in order to get more exposure.

You should be considering virtually everyone you see as a potential customer, especially since candles are a product that most of us need from time to time.


Although starting a candle business is easy, there are a lot of steps to get it just right. You have to make sure you know how to make candles, perfect your product, and get all your ideas together on how your business will function. 

Next you’ll need to do all the paperwork to make sure you have a name, a location, and that you’re able to pay your taxes and take money from customers in a legal manner.

There are a lot of places to find this information, so you have a good chance to succeed when you put a little effort into it.