Lawn Care Business Plan

Lawn Care Business Plan
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If you’re looking for a better solution than just pulling a 9 to 5 job or you’ve recently seen a cutback in hours and need something else to do with your time, a great option to consider is opening a lawn care business.

Not only is it a simple business to start, but it‘s also a business that is easy to maintain as you expand and get more customers.

It’s also something that is easy to run from your home without having to purchase a separate office. You likely won’t have to go very far to find some people that need your help, so it’s great to start in all types of neighborhoods.

Starting Your Business

Before starting your business, you’ll need to develop a solid business plan. This really includes coming up with a list of what you’ll need to purchase to get some jobs done and to attract customers.

This can be anything from lawnmowers, weeding tools, wheelbarrows, pamphlets, business cards, and whatever else you may need. The easiest way to figure out these things is to take some time to write all your ideas down and go over them a few times.

You may even want to ask around to see if anyone you know can give you some tips on what they did when they started their business. They might have some recommendations or advice that can change your point of view.

Another thing you may want to look into are books and other things you can read to get even more information on how to make your lawn business successful.

A great place to start is Lawn Company Secrets, which can give you tips and details on what to do to make sure that your business works out. The site features resources on all types of things you need to know to be successful in the lawn care business. 

This includes things like how to give estimates, what to do in the winter months, how to schedule appointments that work the best for you, and much more. It isn’t something that you have to buy into either; it is a one-time purchase that can really change your future.  

Maintaining Clients

Another major aspect of a business plan is getting and keeping clients. There are a few easy ways to keep clients. One is to be professional with them at all times. For example, even if you want to beat up a customer or curse at them from time to time, you’ll always catch more flies with honey.

When you keep a clear head when dealing with your customers, they will remember how you behaved and want to keep doing business with you. Another way to keep clients is by doing a really great job.

Since there may be a lot of competition in lawn care, you need to be able to do a professional job, so your customers will always remember why they chose you over another company. These two tips can take you a long way, and may even get people talking about you and your business.

Other Tips

If you really have no idea where to begin in the lawn care game, the key is to look at any local businesses you frequent and see how they operate. You may admire how their employees act or some of the advertisements or commercials they have.

Taking note of some of these things can help you get ideas of how you want to mimic them.

Another thing to think about is that you don’t have to be afraid to take projects that are outside of the norm. Not everyone wants to hire someone to cut their lawn, but they may want something like a pond built in their backyard. They may even want flower beds or window boxes built.

All of these things can be fun and great for business, due to the fact that you can take pictures of the finished products and show potential customers what great work your business can do. You can also put them on your company website or on flyers, so that everyone knows your specialties.

Furthermore, this can allow you to increase your prices on certain jobs, especially after you have completed something successfully many times.


Starting a lawn care business is something that some people do when they’re looking for a change and aren’t afraid to do a bit of hard work. 

There isn’t a lot to do to get started, but you have to have a business plan in place to make sure that your company stays on track. Besides that, you’ll need to keep your costs low, and work efficiently if you want to make money.

You should also be concerned about keeping customers and handling everyone the way you’d want to be handled.

You may want to read all the books and materials you can get your hands on, and there are plenty of places to find information that will help you get on your feet and not make the most common mistakes in this type of business.