How to Make Money Selling Candles

How to Make Money Selling Candles

Pretty much everyone needs candles from time to time. There are times when the lights go out, when you want to set a mood, or even when you want your house to smell nice.

This is why making money selling candles isn’t something that is a pipe dream. You can make money selling candles, even if you have no idea how to make them. Here’s some information on the process.

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to do is obviously learn how to make candles. There are many different candle types to choose from, and there are different waxes to work with.

One of the hottest types is soy, since it’s a cleaner burn and can last a long time. You can do some research into the different waxes candles are made with and find some materials to use in your home.

Then make some candles, so you’ll know you’ll be able to make a professional product before you try to turn it into a whole business.

If you are unsure of how to make candles, there are many tutorials online that you can check out, which have complete videos of the techniques that are most commonly used. You can also buy books, videos, and other resources, to see what they can offer you.

Make sure you aren’t wasting your money though. You only want to focus on resources that are highly rated or are written by people that actually own their own businesses or candle companies. There’s virtually no one better than them to teach you how to go about the whole process.

A resource that you can’t go wrong with is Candle Making 4 You. It is a resource that is essentially a step-by-step guide to starting and growing your candle business and is presented in different formats, so that anyone will be able to figure it out. 

You don’t have to have a background in business or art to understand what is going on. It isn’t expensive or a pyramid scheme either, so you don’t have to worry about spending a bunch of money when you need it the most. This product is guaranteed to work for you.

Finer Details

After you have studied and gathered all your research materials, it is time to start your business plan. This is a list of the things you need, things you want, and the goals you want to meet through this business.

It doesn’t hurt to write down everything you possibly can and go back later and make changes or clean it up a bit.

Make sure that you are brainstorming and getting fresh ideas on paper. You’ll need a name, a place to make your candles, and a couple other things to get started.

Besides that, you’ll also need the proper licensing, tax documents, and any other legal things that are applicable in your neighborhood. You may want to consult with a lawyer about this or ask around your local commerce office.

You should also take this time to decide where you want to sell your product, and how to go about doing so.

For example, if you want to sell in stores in your area, you’ll need to ask around different shops to see if people like your product. Keep in mind, the owner of the business may want a kickback or percentage of sales, so it may be better to sell your product online.

On the flip side, selling online means that you must be able to ship your product all over the country, and eventually maybe even to different countries after you grow your business a little bit. This will take additional time since you can’t just drive your inventory to a local store.

Selling your products online will also mean that you have to keep all of your advertised products in stock at all times, or be able to make a batch whenever an order comes in.

Simply take a bit of time to figure out all of these details ahead of time, so you won’t be at a loss if something happens.

Networking and Future Prospects

It will also take a bit of time to decide how to network with others and to grow your business in the future.

Since a great bit of advertising is done online these days, sometimes businesses band together to help get their products sold. You can check out things like this on social media sites and craft blogs for more information.

You can also advertise online, put ads in the paper, or even pass out some flyers in your neighborhood to get your company name out there.


Pretty much anyone can start their own candle business and work out of the privacy of their home.

You can learn all the different techniques, the materials used, and more by scouring the internet. It’s even better if there are people you can ask or guides to purchase for more information

Then it’s up to you to come up with the finer details and get everything in order to start selling your professional candles.